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A lot of women are wondering how to find a husband from the Forbes list on a dating site. That’s why we’ve decided to share some tips of our constant expert.

Even in 1920th, marriage ads were very popular among lonely hearts, and people tried to arrange a personal life by correspondence. But nowadays, with the development of the technology, this correspondence turned into dating sites, and there exist a lot of coaches who teach the technique of communicating with the opposite sex on the web. That’s why our expert also wants to help you and tell how to find the beloved man on the Internet, observing simple rules.

  1. The first important rule is to choose the dating site, but id you are reading this article you’ve made the right choice, as is the best place where you’ll meet your future husband.
  2. It is also important to have a detailed questionnaire, because a man who is interested not only in one-time sex, but in serious relationship will necessarily study your questionnaire before starting acquaintance.
  3. Don’t neglect the safety rules. Very often I can hear that there are only perverts on the dating sites. In this case I always ask: “do you consider yourself normal?”. You came to this site. Then why do you think that a normal man cannot visit this dating platform. As a rule, men write their goals at the very beginning of the communication. For example, sex for one or two times. Of course, there are safety rules: you only need to meet in crowded places, be sure to tell your friends your partner’s id, his phone number and all possible data.
  4. Alphonse is not allowed or which man you need to communicate with. If a man is interested in your financial situation, then this is a typical gigolo. His typical questions on the first date are:
  • do you have an apartment?
  • where you work and how much do you get?

Also such men place fake profile image on their personal page. If you go to a cafe and see a porcupine, instead of the promised Brad Pitt, then in any case do not be rude to him. Calmly say that you should immediately go to work or at home and, unfortunately, you cannot stay, then – leave the café.

You shouldn’t attack a man, because he can be anyone, even a maniac. At the appointment just accurately ask, how long your partner is registered on a site? It is important. If more than a year – be watchful. Usually it means one thing: he is not ready to leave the dating site.

  1. There is no information about the financial situation – most likely, you’ve found the real oligarch. Men very often hide their financial situation. In their questionnaires they write that they live in a dormitory and they have no money. As a rule, this is an absolute lie. Men simply don’t want women considered them solely as a purse. One of my friend for about a year was registered on the site, and she did not succeed. She got a candidate who immediately said: sorry, I have no money, if you want, let’s go for a date.

I don’t know why, but she agreed. They were walking all the night, the man turned out to be a very interesting interlocutor – charismatic, funny, smart, but without money. In couple of weeks he called her to the skating rink, she agreed again. In the evening he confessed that he had deceived her, and the next day he drove a luxurious car.

  1. Laconic and strict. Profile of a successful woman.

I’ll give an example of a successful account. There are only three words in it: confident, sensual, thoroughbred. If you have written that you are white and fluffy, you are looking for a prince, no one will want to date you. If a woman writes with insolence and self-confidence – such girls are popular among men. Important nuance: you need to react on messages quickly. This is the most effective way.

  1. Naked photos are not allowed! This is common behavioral error on dating sites. You cannot put a photo in a swimsuit, it is better to wear a dress in the style of Coco Chanel with open shoulders and tight fitting figure. It is necessary to understand that if there are calling pictures in your profile, then men will think badly of you. If you have children, be sure to write about it in the questionnaire. You cannot waste your time and the time of the partner.

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