Looking for a free dating app for women? Try Bumble!

Why do women choose Bumble as best free dating app?

If you’re tired of all the freaks and perverts on dating sites that bombard you with creepy comments, perhaps you think that the whole online dating thing is simply not for you. Well, don’t get so easily disheartened – there is some very good news for you. Not all the apps are entirely male oriented – there are dating platforms that were created specifically with women in mind. If you wonder what free dating app we’re talking about, it’s Bumble.

Whether you’re looking for a casual hook-up or long lasting romantic relationship, Bumble will not disappoint. So let’s talk about the advantages of this app in more detail.

Quick facts about the Bumble dating app

Bumble is essentially different from the majority of dating apps out there, so it’s recommended to learn a few things about this free dating app before you start using them. Here are some of the things you need to know:

  • Men can’t initiate a contact on Bumble. Yes, you’ve heard it right – male members can’t send messages to girls first. No matter how strange it may sound, but this unusual approach actually works. A woman’s inbox does not brim with “Hi beauty” meaningless one-liners and irritating pick-up lines. It’s the woman who contacts the guys she likes. And this sort of strategy is actually beneficial for both: a girl makes her choice on her own, and a guy doesn’t need to work hard – it’s rather sufficient to look handsome and smart.
  • Statistics show than more than fifty percent of couples formed on this app keep interacting for a significant period of time.
  • The number of male and female members is approximately equal on the Bumble dating app, so there are no hoards of desperate men.
  • The registration process is quick and easy – you’ll be able to use this free dating app within minutes after setting up your profile. And that’s done rather fast – with a three hundred character limit in your bio, you won’t spend hours writing about yourself.
  • You have 24 four hours to write a message to a man after both of you mutually expressed interest to each other.
  • The search tool allows you to filter out all the unwanted profiles, so you won’t waste time reading about people you have nothing in common with.

As you can see, it’s a completely female oriented app, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t improve your love life with Bumble.

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You can also upgrade to a premium membership

Bumble can be used as a free dating site, but it’s also possible to upgrade to a premium membership. If you’d like to maximize your chances of finding someone special, or to make your online dating experience more interesting and diverse, make use of the special features offered by Bumble Premium.

For example, you can choose to look through profiles of men who’ve already like you. This way, you’ll know for sure a man is interested in getting to know you.

Or you can extend the 24-hour period that allows you to initiate a contact with a man after he liked your profile, and you liked his. Or you can reconnect with your previous matches, and so on. There is also a special currency on the app that allows you to purchase different favours. If you feel these features will enrich your experience, use them by all means.

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Setting up a profile on Bumble

All you have to do in order to start the bumble free dating app is download it on your phone and create an account. You can link it to your Facebook page, so you won’t have to write your basic info all over again. This way the page you’ve just created will be uploaded with your first name, age and geographic location. If you don’t wish to connect your Facebook account, there is an option of filling all these fields manfully.

The bumble dating app allows one to upload six photos. It’s highly recommended to put up all six, but they should demonstrate different aspects of your personality. There is no use uploading six webcam photos of you sitting at your desk. Instead, display the photos that show you in different situation.

For example, it could be a photo of you reading a book, gardening, playing tennis, travelling and so on. All the photos should be of good quality – blurry images are not acceptable. Also, avoid uploading photos of you with other people, revealing and explicit images, and pictures of your pets instead of you. Your face should be clearly visible, so make sure you’re not wearing sunglasses or a hat.

Make sure your profile gives out positive vibes. Keep it optimistic, humorous and cheerful. Avoid complaining about your loneliness or lousy dating experiences in the past. And above all, don’t talk badly about online dating. It’s not use saying “I don’t know what I’m doing here” or “I don’t think it will work out, but I’m giving it a try”. Men are attracted by positive and cheerful women who are capable to enrich someone’s life. They are not there to solve your problems. They are there for sharing your happiness.

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Making use of a search tool

A search tool is a very useful instrument on a dating site. Ignore it, and you’ll end up browsing through men’s profiles for hours. Of course, it’s a very interesting and perhaps even eye-opening experience, but who has so much time? The Bumble app’s search tool allows you to filter out all the profiles you don’t care about.

You can specify a man’s age and location when looking for your perfect match, and select additional two filters. These could be you future partner’s profession, education, height, hair colour, religious beliefs and so on.

Needless to say, you’re supposed to choose filters wisely. Give priority to those that are really of importance to you. And of course, if you choose to upgrade to the Bumble premium instead of using it as a free dating apps, all the filters will be unlocked for your use. Don’t hesitate to reject profiles if you feel you have very little in common with a person. Time is the most precious resource, and you’re not there for charity.

Browsing through profiles and messaging men

When you get your search results, it’s time to go through profiles and message men you like best. If they reply, keep corresponding with all of them in the initial stages of your online romance. Later you’ll be able to figure out which one of them can actually be your potential partner. One thing to remember is that online dating is a very addictive thing. Many people keep using free and paid dating apps even after they found their perfect match and even married them.

So don’t keep talking to a man forever. Instead, try to take things off the site as quickly as possible. Spending time in a pleasant company of your boyfriend is so much more rewarding than aimlessly looking through men’s profiles on a dating app. If you keep interacting through the app for too long, a man might think you’re just killing time with him, and your intentions are not serious.

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Dealing with spammers and scammers

Due to a strict verification process, there are less scammers, fraudsters and swindlers on the Bumble dating app. However, they are still there, and one should be aware of their tricks. First of all, you shouldn’t click any suspicious links in private messages, otherwise you might be redirected to one of those miserable sites with adult content.

Secondly, you should never, under any circumstances, send money to people you haven’t met in person. If someone asks you for a financial assistance, don’t hesitate reporting them to the Bumble’s security system. No matter how convincing a person may sound, avoid sending any money whosoever. They may tell you a heartbreaking story about a family member being sick and needing a certain amount in order to buy expensive medicines.

Or they may claim to be stuck abroad without any means of coming back home. In 99.9% of the cases it’s not true, and you’ll lose not only your hard earned money, but also hope of meeting someone decent online.

If someone on a free dating app claim to be madly in love with you after a week or so since you started talking, the best course of action is to block them. Scammers often target vulnerable, lonely women on various dating sites, and Bumble is no exception. They can be very inventive and convincing, so make sure to take precautions.

If you’re curious about how things work on a female oriented free dating app, do give Bumble a try – you won’t regret it! Online dating can be extremely rewarding, and there is no reason why you can’t find the love of your life using the Bumble app.


  1. Bumble makes it simple to get started. You’ll get all the information you need to start messaging other people.

  2. I used to be considering downloading this mobile app lmao I like this review and so i definitely will have swiped appropriate 🏀

  3. I despised Bumble for online dating, there’s almost no customers in my location and many guys on it are unresponsive, especially with a 24 hour clock positions stress. The BFF characteristic sounds great however. Tinder is the only other one I employed, having said that i notice Hinge is supposed to be good. Several of my girlfriends use it and explained it’s excellent. I don’t are living in a massive area so Tinder will be the main one out of my place that individuals use.

  4. Other great features that Bumble has included the ability to upload pictures, make videos and upload other profiles for you to see. All you have to do is go to the app and search for something specific and you’ll be presented with a list of people that match the criteria.

  5. this is certainly so valuable! Can affirm Hinge is with the UK at the very least! It’s my favourite out of the three because I actually have the best chats about the application

  6. This particular app is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time getting to know someone or looking for a one night stand. It’s a one night stand so you don’t have to worry about any long term commitment and they allow you to meet new people.

  7. Also, would you discuss how to become good friends with men you meet on online dating applications?

  8. These are just a few of the great features that you will get with this dating app. If you are looking for something to use online then this is definitely a good option to look into.

  9. im 20 and possess employed internet dating apps (having a crack rn tho) and i think it’s a very nice approach to meet up with folks however i think that im not about to satisfy any individual severe off a dating app? like a person you might get married to yknow

  10. As being a man I presented up on courting programs in the past. If you’re not in the leading 20% of males the chances of you locating a mate are slender to nothing.

  11. A very important factor about Bumble I leant lately, is the fact that while girls have to pay to be able to include 24hrs to matches, males apparently get cost-free 24hr extensions.

  12. Have you ever thought about dating apps? The first thing that most people think of when we talk about the dating world is the dating app. Dating apps are a way to find other singles or even couples to go out with and hook up with.

  13. Bumble is the most popular one that is available on the Internet. These dating apps are great to use if you are looking for fun and adventure.

  14. I liked this! Please do much more kkk and I would get pleasure from some costumes ways to spice it up initial dates!

  15. Chats will then open up and you’ll be able to start chatting with other people that are local to you. It will also let you know when people are free to chat with each other.

  16. From the community where my grandmother was born, folks have an interesting custom, they pull a diamond ring through the cows’ nasal area, they do it just because a cow is a ton, however with the engagement ring inside their nostrils, it makes sense you. She actually is this type of wonderful female, although the band in their nose makes her unappealing in my opinion. I don’t understand why folks take action this way, constantly she was talking I simply investigated her nose area.

  17. Bumble also offers plenty of other dating features such as a chat room that allows you to chat and meet other people in your area. If you’re planning on meeting someone in person then you’ll probably be more impressed with this feature than you will be with the actual app.

  18. Jordan you are retaining it true !!! Thanks for revealing your point of view along with us !!! I agree with you completely ! Julie

  19. Using these apps means that you can have fun together but you don’t have to commit to one night stands. It also allows you to meet new people who you would never have met otherwise.

  20. Enjoy your evaluation! I want to listen to you discuss very first time ideas, how you can approach rejections/refuse someone, your thoughts on ghosting, simply how much can you text message before reaching track of an individual! 🙂

  21. Bumble has the best design for a dating app. They are so user friendly that it’s amazing how you can search for someone without having to go through all the technology that’s been introduced.

  22. cali is about to be about this time forever steph !! forget about changing instances for daylight price savings

  23. The question that most people have is why there are so many dating apps on the internet? Well, these dating apps make it easy for you to get out into the world and meet new people.

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  25. After observing your assessment, you truly were actually far more successful with internet dating programs then most guys I understand…. That may be sad to me…

  26. What makes Bumble so appealing is that it’s not all about sex. There are still some great aspects of the dating app that will keep you coming back for more.

  27. I’ve applied Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid. There was also the one that was songs centered which i did not remember the name of, it sounded fantastic in theory nevertheless i mostly acquired individuals trying to share their demos with me which got annoying. I’ve never attempted Hinge, so maybe I’ll look it over the next occasion I redownload courting apps.

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