How many times a week is still a casual hookup

Some guys want to do things right when they’re hookuping. It’s because people have their own reasons for not wanting serious relationships, and they should know the ways to avoid any commitment.

One shouldn’t worry if he sees his how hookup for sex just once a week. Twice a week already means some habit or emotional attachment. It’s less critical only when this is a friend with benefits.

“I used to meet my hookup every Friday night and it was all fine”, Michael from NYC shares. “But things changed when I started seeing her in a middle of the week as well, since I was too horny.

I then felt it would be better if I hookuped with another casual partner instead, as she obviously got new hopes about us dating for real in future. I could not let this happen, being busy with my career.

So people should be cautious with how many times a week they get laid with the same partner. If too often, it creates the impression chemistry is too strong between you two, and you cannot resist”.

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