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The very first impression and conclusions

You’ll be surprised how typical Find-bride looks at the first site. It seems to be one of hundreds twins dating sites in all over the Internet. But sometimes primitive design isn’t a bad sign.

A few dating giants super famous worldwide, have primitive design too but it doesn’t make results any worse. We won’t name them here. So let’s check whether Find-bride is effective too.

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Predictably enough, Find-bride is dedicated to Russian brides as one of the most popular products in the dating market. Its main page immediately showers you with beautiful Slavs’ photos.

The majority of dating sites allow to register both separate personalities and the agency managers who can upload many profiles at once. Find-bride is for local agencies only.beautiful brides

It has good and bad sides. No one likes intermediaries, but on another hand, they select the better looking girls for you, verify their personality, and control a good quality of correspondence.

The specific of dating sites consisting of the agencies, is that girls’ IDs are provided and verified, but if a girl suddenly changes her mind, they keep her profile in the database, anyway.

So periodically, you need to check her active status by ordering a video chat or the gifts delivery. We are not recommending the phone calls though, since they prove nothing.

Anyways, men’s reviews about Find-bride are surprisingly all five-star, and it’s not really clear how the site has reached that. Paying to every user for a review would be too costly.

Most probably and even obviously, all those users were promised extra credits for their five-star review. Even the most perfect dating platforms may deserve some critics.

However, when a man is unhappy or even mad about terrible services, he won’t flatter the platform just to get more credits. It means, Find-bride services quality is above average.


Some warnings before you use Find-bride

There are all signs showing that Find-bride is a very typical Russian dating site, however, with comparatively careful and diligent owners and administrators.

Experienced online daters already know how this kind of system works, and how to deal with it. It’s really refreshing that majority of the girls there are real and legit, but a caution is needed.

So if you need to be reminded how to avoid the fraud and enjoy international dating to the fullest, welcome to run through this list of must-do things. You may need it for a better success!

Always make sure a girl is real, with the help of video chats. It’s very good from the Find-bride side that they provide the video chat feature, because many other Russian dating sites don’t.

But even while video chatting, you should be attentive and try to notice whether the video is unique or pre-recorded. It shouldn’t repeat itself cyclically, and a girl much be able to perform actions on request.

Standing up, sending an aerial kiss, waving on you cannot be considered unique actions. Sometimes, girls pre-record them too. So, ask to show three or six fingers, or to write something on a paper.findbrideblog

A girl is video chatting with you and all seems real? That’s cool! The next step is taking her out from the site. If she prefers to keep on communicating on the site only, that is fishy.

The most important moment is discussing your future meeting. There are three categories of Russian women on dating platforms, if to talk about real persons and not the catfishers.

The first category is the worst one, girls who do not have a particular purpose for staying on a site. They either want gifts or do a favour to the site owners, so they avoid the meeting with you.

Sometimes they might compromise and suggest a one hour meeting, obligatory with an interpreter. They are secretly going to meet you only once. It isn’t worthy of all your efforts!

The second category is all about shopping. They’ll spend as many hours as you want together, each and every day, but they’ll care only about the money you spend, not the relationship.

The third category is a wife material. We guess that is exactly what you want, as Russia and Ukraine are too far away to travel there just for hook-ups. In any case, serious girls are better.

How to recognize the third category among the others: use the video chat test we suggested above. Do not communicate with the girls who sound too sweet or too naughty on the early stage.

We understand it is very flattering when a young girl is making compliments to a much older man. But you must be realistic and choose women who like you calmly, without worshipping.

Finally, study thoroughly her background and everyday life. A girl’s past defines her future. Find-bride is focused on Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovian women, so take into account their mentality.

Here are some of the red flags: her father is too strict; her mother is too sick; she left her ex-husband by her own initiative; she had too many sexual partners; she is short-tempered.

We won’t say such women are damaged goods but they demand too many inner resources and special psychological skills, which do not guarantee eventual success anyway.

Since you don’t want to remain heart-broke and financially broke, better choose positive girls without a heavy past and toxic parents. You will thank yourself more than once then!


How to find a balance between beauty and reliability

Russian girls are extremely beautiful and sexually attractive. That is a well-known fact. But this wonderful quality is also severely exploited, and single western men should watch out.

Although it is very pleasant and self-reassuring to date a model, better not to do that if you aren’t too rich. It may seem to you that Ukraine or Moldova are small and modest countries.

But in fact, people there are very much westernized nowadays and the girls’ appetites are growing. You’ll rather find a modest, down-to-earth girl in Russian Perm or even smaller towns.

So: no Instagram models, no glamorous chicks who wear high heels even when they go out to buy bread, no trip collectors. If you follow these three no, your pocket will be safer.

Another dating tip may sound unusual to you, but you’ll return to it again and again. Ask a girl to show you her mother’s photos, and if possible, pay her a friendly visit.

A mother’s appearance will tell you a lot about your girlfriend’s beauty in near future. This rule especially works for Eastern European women whose genes are mostly inherited from mothers.succesful stories

So, if your super prize is slim and leggy, make sure her mom isn’t fat and wrinkled like hell at not-so-old age. If she is, the same can happen to your sweet peach in just a decade from now.

Experienced men know that beautiful women with a moderate self-esteem are the best decision. Too confident and bold beauties are killing for your sentiments and budget.

Hard-working women are always better than lazy ones. If you notice that your Russian women got used to be sponsored by her parents or former men, avoid her at all costs.

It’s also crucial to estimate her attitude towards her present or future kid. It will allow you to understand whether she is selfish or giving. It’s an important information if you are going to date her!

It’s interesting but women who treat their child in this or that way, eventually treat their partner in the same way, too. If she doesn’t care about him at all, you’ll be greatly ignored too.

So even if you aren’t willing to have kids yourself, and don’t want a woman with kids, ask your Russian girlfriend anyway what she thinks of such an idea. How would she raise a kid?

This simple test will help you to see the pitfalls and detect her flaws rather sooner than later. If you have and actively use all these psychological tools with a Russian girl, your love life is safe.

Finally, your chosen one must be adequate to Russian or Ukrainian reality. Between your visits, these girls perfectly eat the potato soup for weeks and wear second-hand clothes.

But once you come to visit, they immediately need the most expensive shoes, huge sets of sushi, and other luxurious stuff. Provide it only if you have the possibility and she proves it’s her usual lifestyle.

Russian dating has its own tricks the beginners do not acknowledge. They equally work on Find-bride with beautiful girls registered there, so you’re welcome to benefit from using the tips.