Army of Brides Review

Army of Brides and what it offers

AOB is a top famous Russian dating site with dozens of affiliate platforms and real agency offices in each presented city. Since 2002, it remains classical and effective for singles.
The most doubtful parameter of this site must be its pricing policy. It is somewhat complex and convoluted. There’s no free trial at all, many kinds of service packages, plus the coins system.

At first sight, the cost seems really affordable, but since it’s hard to calculate all expenses in advance, unpleasant surprises are possible. Experienced daters recommend to be cautious.
Closer look at pros and cons

It’s easy to notice that Army of Brides is very well organized as a real and a virtual structure. there is a gift delivery to so many towns and countries, with the photo confirmation, it’s quite respectable.

Almost all girls accept the video chat option, which means they indeed exist and their profiles correspond to their real personalities. It’s enough to use the video chat option once, for budget saving.

At the same time, look who owns the site. This company, Syedyshev group Limited is situated in UAE. Sounds like Russian surname, but in UAE, many Russians open brothel businesses.
It means, even if most of girls are decent and sincere, the owner may have the commercial interest only and build its dating empire accordingly to those priorities. Just be careful while using it.

Ukrainian brides hotter

Success stories on AOB

“I met Natasha from Odessa on Army of Brides and it was my best experience so far. I was dating Slav girls only, all my life. But Natasha is something special, I am thankful for our meeting.
She likes everything that I like, both in daily life and in a bed. We even have similar views on the kids upbringing. And she cooks like my mother who had Russian roots, ha, ha.
I am really happy with Natasha and I will add it was very easy to use this site in general. The customer support was quick and I didn’t have any problem with the site features or scammers”.

“I have been using Army of Brides for a while before I got acquainted with Yulia from Moscow. Unlike other sexy models living there, she didn’t seem spoiled at all. Rather a modest village girl.
She’s still that way, although I already showered her with the gifts and my warmest attention. We are travelling the world together and she is the fairest companion I could ever have.
It’s probably just a coincidence that we met on AOB but I am grateful, still. Yulia is a very special girl and I feel we’ll go much further in our relationship. I recommend this site to all singles”.

Are Ukrainian brides hotter than Russian ones?

What do you know about Ukraine? Probably, that it’s a small hospitable country next to Moldova and Romania. Two parts of it, Crimea and Donetsk, are under Russian occupation with uncertain status.

There are many local wineries there with a great and famous wine. There are splendid inexpensive beaches as well, theatres and museums. But do you know that girls there are simply stunning?

As Ukraine is also historically coming from Soviet Union, Russian girls can be compared with Ukrainian females, but there is a slight difference in their characters and appearance one should know about.

Ukraine is already a part of Europe and there is an opportunity for your people to find good perspectives abroad, including USA. Many young women are trying to get a good education abroad.

Also, to start at least a little business of their own, to spread their wings. But others still remain in the grip of post-communistic thinking being helpless in this quickly progressing modern world.

Ukraine girls

Experts divide Slav girls into two groups: ones who tend to be equal partners and build a solid, well-provided future with them, and ones who stay mentally dependent on men even with their own income.

Both types are very sexy though! As they have a lot of Slavic blood running in their veins, they are slim, classy, with beautiful face features, and gracious movements. That’s why you’ll love Ukraine.

But what should you know about them before you start your day game with them? Ukraine girls are very practical. They plan and plan and plan: their evenings, their weekends and the future house.

Yes! They are definitely people of big plans. When you think she’s just chatting with you for fun, she already has in mind the best restaurant for the evening, a short trip together for the weekend.

Just talk to them more and discover whether they expect just a little help from you in all these plans or are you Mr. Provider in their eyes. Don’t be scared by their habit to create new duties for you.

You should rather be honored and perceive this as an intimate promise. Because men who are social and financial losers in their eyes, don’t have a chance at all and will be compared to the locals.

Many young women

Are Ukraine girls a wife material?

In case you are interested in a longer relationship than just one-night-stand, Kiev girls can be extremely loyal, caring and protective. Even a bit more, than girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If they really fell in love and you really showed your financial support at least once, they will be supporting you in hard times too. Good to know, right? Sounds like some kind of guarantee.
Well, if your plans don’t go that far, it’s totally possible to enjoy their spontaneous and fun side too. Just give her some good moments and present something nice (please, no made-in-China cheap stuff).

Take her to some marvelous place and remind to her that she is a princess. They all already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm! Be a gentleman and at the same time fully satisfy them in a bed.

Then Ukraine girls will consider you a good potential lover or even hook up for one-two nights without obligations. There is only one rule for getting intimate with a Slav girl: don’t be vague!

Army of Brides Review

They appreciate meaningful and resourceful men. When you want to try something new and crazy in a bed, always ask her first. Respect her and keep on being gallant even if she gave the green light.

Ask her about her family members, invite her best friends and buy them drinks, show your sincere interest. Massage her head or legs if she’s tired, carry her bags (of course, you should fill them before).

Be a good listener, because oh they are very fond of talking. Then your hunting will be super successful and your nights in Ukraine will be extremely exciting, no less than in Russia!
There is a big possibility she will take you to a famous local winery. After some wine-tasting, she may become more spontaneous and passionate. Use this chance to explore her sexy body.
They are nice girls, smiling, thoughtful, affectionate. These young ladies in Ukraine crave new horizons in life and they will be more than welcoming with you. Don’t loose this opportunity!

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