Are girls actually looking to hookup on dating apps

It’s a normal thing that dating platforms are for longer romantic relationships, but many singles seek casual sex there. Is it also true for the girls and how to detect that?

Girls registered on dating apps, are divided on three categories, serious minded ones, fling seekers, and scammers. There are no other reasons for them to be a member of such a site.

  1. Serious minded chicks would hookup shortly only if they got an impression this man can become their long-term partner. So it’s basically your job to make them think so.
  2. Fling seekers may have a boyfriend or their own circumstances but what they want right now is sex. They’re straightforward about that so just meet up and use a chance.
  3. Scammers or fraudulent personals may hookup for money. If their behaviour and manners seem cheap and obvious from the beginning, try to use them for sex as well.

It’s as simple as that. No drama or enormous efforts are needed. Dating apps are the places where each participant receives what he or she seeks, so it’s fair to get your bite of the pie too.

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