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Expensive services vs hidden advantages

In a few words,, or HRB, is one of many Russian dating sites where male users pay per each letter and for every minute in the chat. It means big expenses.

However, not all pay-per-letter sites are bad. Anastasiaweb, for example, as an iconic PPL site, has both scandalous and delightful rumours about it. Girls are too beautiful there!

Of course, it’s much more flattering to date online someone gorgeous and model-looking already pre-selected for you and presented in a best way, than to surf through the average girls profiles.

Especially if you are getting proofs from time to time the girl is real and ready to meet. That is very encouraging and motivates men to spend thousands prior to such a meeting.

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Since all PPL sites are costly, but not all are bad, we only have to make a research whether Hotrussianbrides is legit, basing on male users’ reviews and our experts’ analysis.

The very first thing we see, is the girls’ attractiveness, which isn’t surprising for such areas as Russia and Ukraine. This very special and alluring type of beauty is waiting for you on HRB, too.hotrussianbrides

Absolutely all PPL sites and apps consist of the local agencies’ female clients. Actually, only a part are clients and all the others are so-called models. They model for the agency on your screen.

There is already a lot of evidence from men that majority of girls on Hotrussianbrides are models. Well, at least not catfishers, so you have a chance to meet them in real and talk.

That is the difference of PPL sites from free or membership-based platforms: the girls’ idenity is verified by something more reliable than just a selfie, like the passport scan and a video introduction.

The question is, whether those girls realize it’s a marital agency so they are the brides and should lead an honest game? Or maybe they participate only for materialistic reasons?

You cannot exclude this for the economically poor countries, women will always try to survive by any means and especially at the cost of some successful foreigner.

And although Russia positions itself as a great empire, only Moscow looks so. Saint-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg are less impressive, and smaller towns live in a frank poverty.

Ukraine has also knew its better times. Right now, in conditions of half frozen and half active civil war provoked by Russia, with presidents billionaires who mind only their profit, the country is in trouble.

However, exactly Ukrainian women became more serious-minded recently regarding international marriages, not Russian ones. Get focused on them when using HRB.

Doesn’t matter how much a woman loves luxury and easy money, she is programmed to have a family and take care of it, especially if she has Slavic roots and mentality.

Ukrainian women are disturbed by the political situation and being constantly in almost-war status. These conditions are the most unfavourable for creating a family with kids.

Both intentionally and unintentionally, they follow this inner panic and make more efforts to meet a western man for getting married, not just for fun or for extra income.

That’s why even on unreliable sites like Hotrussianbrides, a western man’s chances to meet a family oriented woman are still high and surprisingly promising.

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Ukrainian brides: real or fake?

Although Hotrussianbrides is, in fact, low-rated among the men clients, the presence of real girls allows to find a mate if you have enough experience and knowledge.

Like we said, focus on Ukrainian girls, it will be your first step. Another step is being selective. HRB claims to have 20 000 active female members only, which isn’t much.

All these girls are divided between the small local agencies. The agencies have more or less similar rules. A girl is kind of limited in her actions and possibilities until you actually meet.

The inexperienced girls are usually told to stay within the site without giving personal contacts. Sometimes they video chat with you just for a little reward, not because of sincere interest.

In Ukraine, older women and experienced daters who are confident about their skills, neglect those rules and do everything to meet a man as soon as possible, without intermediaries.

As to typical Instagram models who correspond and chat with you intensively showering you with amazing studio photos and outdoor videos, sometimes they date seriously too.

A few of them have local boyfriends which you can easily check by searching for their social network accounts or simply by analyzing their behaviour. It’s simpler than you think.brides hot

If they don’t have time for everyday meetings when you come to visit, or cannot video chat in a family time – let’s say on weekends or late in the night, they are probably taken.

Single Instagram models who have plenty of time for your communication, are either too greedy or indeed serious-minded. Or both! If you’re well-provided in life, you have chances with them.

There are many cases when models who barely participate in the agency’s business and even allow third parts to communicate with men instead of them, eventually start dating a foreigner.

Normally, they are interested in travelling, not obligatory luxurious. Even the most beautiful and snobby girls realize the competition among Ukrainian beauties is too huge.

They are also upset about realities of Ukrainian life. And for sure, their model career, if it exists at all, won’t last long. So they are interested in anyone who takes them around the globe.

But it’s fair only regarding Ukrainian women because they do not need any visa anymore for visiting Europe, they are more open-minded than Russians in general, and have a spirit of adventure.

That’s why there are some positive reviews even about Hotrussianbrides, from men who don’t mind reasonable investments into a beautiful potential girlfriend.


Some vital tips once you’re already involved

We all know amazing prosperity of USA people is mostly a myth. Western men just pay numerous bills, taxes, their elderly parents’ healthcare, so at the end, they aren’t that free in money.

After facing the materialistic attitude of American women, they start searching a life partner elsewhere, mostly in Asia or Eastern Europe. Do not be negative, miracles do happen!

It’s true that courtship and family life with a Slavic woman is way cheaper than with American woman, it goes without saying and cannot even be compared.

But, this statement is fair only if you remain cautious and do not do silly things. Many men think they’ll succeed better if they date on free Russian dating sites or meet without an interpreter.

But it’s not an interpreter who is the main evil. Very often, it’s indeed a professional who speaks pretty well, neutralizes the tension of the first date and keeps the healthy free brides

Eastern European women are in general much less naughty and open-minded than western girls so they feel really at peace and comfort in an interpreter’s presence.

If you immediately refuse to use an interpreter’s services without even trying or getting acquainted with a person, it is perceived by a girl as your greediness.

A serious-minded personality, and they do exist in any agency, thinks that you aren’t a reliable option for dating and family if you aren’t ok with 20 bucks for the translation.

On another hand, you should always make sure this so-called interpreter isn’t a part of local mafia who will rob you and help to break your heart with the utmost cruelty.

Meeting very active girls either on Hotrussianbrides or on free dating sites, who don’t mind to meet up out of the agency structure, isn’t always safe either so do not be in hurry to celebrate.

There are unique individuals who invite you to their home, bring their mom or other relatives, but these people are either actors or shameless folks who are after your money and gifts.

It’s better if she is slow in opening her heart, modest, happy with little things, and discusses future common plans with you wisely. Also she should be ok with some light caresses and showing care.

Do not get desperate thinking that all women from Ukrainian dating agencies are the scammers like you may read on the Internet. It was before the civil war.

But do not get involved with those who manipulate with the fact of war, either. Better don’t believe the girls who are complaining they lost all their belongings, home, and documents in Donetsk.

It can be true, but some agencies use this legend for getting an enormous profit from single men. Better proceed with Odessa girls or Kiev women on HRB who aren’t into any drama.