Find your perfect match with the Brilic app (Top Review)

Short introduction of the Brilic app

Appeared on the market not a long time ago, this app has earned customers’ trust instantly, which made the app compete on equals with the giants of online dating, such as Mamba or Tinder. Such a success is the result of the unique blend of high-quality service and cordial atmosphere within the app. It’s active, and all the people are willing to communicate. Everyone is interested in getting to know each other in order to start a friendship or romantic relationships.

Moreover, the app supports bisexual and same-sex dating and marriages. It becomes clear when you enter the search settings, where this option is available. It’s quite convenient for people from LGBT community, who often have to use special apps for finding a match with the same interests. Now they can use Brilic? And after setting particular preferences, their attention will be brought to the people with same preferences only.

The app is available for Android and iOS devises, which makes it suitable for almost any person who uses a smartphone. If course, you can install it on the iPad or any other PC tablet.brilic dating app

What is special about Brilic: pros and cons

    1. The first question people are usually interested in is the price. Good news that Brilic does provide a 3-days free trial for every new user. You can still purchase the app during this period, but in this case you will lose the free days. During the trial time you can explore the app, get to know some people and probably find a few potential matches. If you decide to purchase the app, you’ll be surprised by its affordable price. The thing is, Brilic team wants to make the app available for as many people as possible, regardless of their financial status. Even people with average income can afford searching for their love in this apps.
    2. Another great advantage is absolute safety. The developers team puts much effort in detecting and deleting scam and face accounts before they hurt or upset the loyal users. If you ever suspect any account of being untruthful, feel free to write and inquiry to the Support team, that will investigate the person in question and delete her or his account in case of its being fake. Compared to other online dating services, Brilic has the least amount of scam profiles, which is the result of dedication and hard work of the app team.
    3. The app is perfect for those who are interested in international dating or interracial marriage. You can communicate with people all around the world: America, Europe, Asia, Australia etc. One of the convenient features is that you can see, what languages a person speaks. It’s stated in their profile, along with the age, location and a short introduction. If you’re going to visit a foreign country, it’s a great way to arrange a date in advance, so you both are ready for communication and building relationships.
    4. A great high-quality service is another reason why Brilic is so popular among single people all around the world. The app is updated regularly with improved features and modified interface. If you ever detect any technical issue, please feel free to contact the Support for the solution. And if the problem is impossible to fix at the moment, the developers team will surely fix it in the next update.


Brilic special features and visual effects

First of all, in order to start using the app you must register. You can use your Facebook or Google account, or register with an email address. After that, you’ll be redirected to the main page, where you can begin searching immediately. You can state a certain location and the sex of your desired partner.

The profile page indicated only some basic information about the person: name, age, location languages spoken and a short description. There’s no way you can get to know a person based on a short introduction, so it’s very important to begin a conversation on the topics that you’re interested in. You can send a photo or a virtual gift, if you will, but the latter will require purchasing or earning credits.

Speaking about visual design, it’s neutral and minimalistic, yet stylish and suitable for any taste. The app is concentrated on the features and high-quality service, rather than on visual effects to entertain a customer. If you’re willing to find a true match, a lifelong relationship, feel free to join Brilic and enjoy a one of a kind online dating experience.

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