Am I just a hookup for her or a crush: find out today

Beautiful girls can be spoiled with men’s attention and ignore their lover’s efforts to grow serious. How to find out whether she is potentially interested? Here are the best ways.

Analyze how often she calls your name. Calling a partner’s name is always a sign of a special attitude. If she avoids your name at all, you’re just a hookup for her.

Does she text anything between the meetings? If all messages between you and her are about the time and date of the next meeting, it’s obviously for casual sex only.

Are there long kisses and foreplay? Both girls and guys enjoy the long prelude when in love, but keep things brief and straight to the point when they’re just horny.

Do they try to look differently with you? If you want visit hooksexup site you can putting efforts to look fancy when you meet, it’s a very good sign. But if not, there’s no commitment at all.

Common memories test. For someone in love, any small memory matters and they mention it. If they never do and easily forget, the meetings mean nothing to them.

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