1Russianbrides.com Review ( experts rating, basic profiles, users comments)

A legendary owner and classical features

Since 1Russianbrides.com is a part of NatashaClub chain, you can basically judge about its services out of your experience. It’s the same price, same features, and only design slightly differs.

There’s no doubt all single westerners interested in international dating, have already tried such classical sites as Anastasiaweb, CuteOnly, and one of NatashaClub affiliates.

Russian dating boom took place between 2000 and 2010 years before it started to slow down. 1Russianbrides has appeared on that peak of fame as well, and it still keeps its positions.

Since this dating company mostly cooperates with local agencies and not with independent women, the quality of women profiles is relevant: almost all of them look like supermodels.

Only best dating sites are offering such a quality of women, as it’s their business and they don’t want to fail. Such an approach demands additional expenses from the owners as well.1Russianbrides

Not only they pre-select the women who have at least a minimal experience of work as models, but also the agencies cover their makeup and hairstyle expenses prior to the photo shoot.

Some men claim it’s not fair to show women from the best side and demand their casual photos during the correspondence. But this tradition exists since the oldest times.

Long ago when marital agencies weren’t virtual yet, they were showing women’s photos to single men with the similar improved looks and writing the best introductory letters from their name.

Nothing has changed in this system for over a hundred of years, and after all, a woman is coming to the first date looking way better than in her daily life, even if the agency isn’t involved.

For sure, photos edited in Photoshop, are even less fair than makeup. But luckily, the video chat feature exists, and you can always compare the shapes and youthfulness of your preferred girl.

Moreover, the gift delivery option is another helpful test! Many words are said about this expensive feature, but there are always such minimalistic gifts as three roses or a box of chocolates.

In return, you are getting the most recent photos of the girl, at least three or four, and normally the agency doesn’t edit them. You can take a look and analyze whether the girl is really good-looking.

In any case, a big assortment of gorgeous girls is always inspiring, although some of male users chose to be suspicious about that. Well, any Ukrainian bus or the school yard is full of model-looking hotties.

If you had been to that part of the world, you can easily confirm that. Meeting these beauties via 1Russianbrides isn’t such a bad idea, if you remain wise and reasonable.


Some dating tips that may help you

1Russianbrides has its own nuances although you may already know them from using NatashaClub sites. First of all, you can easily obtain any girl’s personal contacts.

It just doesn’t happen on tricky sites like Anastasiaweb. They only oblige you to order a phone call with an interpreter during which you can exchange contacts.

We won’t get distracted right now by telling why it doesn’t work properly. While on 1Russianbrides, it’s enough to exchange 15 letters with a girl for requesting her contacts.

Time flies when you correspond or chat with a very beautiful female, so a man doesn’t even notice when he have passed 15 letters. And her contact is already in your pocket!genuine girl on 1Russianbrides

You shouldn’t be discouraged if a girl communicates with you less intensively in direct than she did within the site. The agency encourages them to be pro-active, while in real life they are slow.

Sometimes it’s much worse when you are literally attacked by a girl’s attention even out of the site. It’s either not her but a catfisher, or she will soon try to ask you about some financial favour.

So take it normally that she only says hello from time to time, and keep on communicating on 1Russianbrides if she prefers, at least until your real-time meeting. You will see why.

In fact, Slavic women hear as many scary stories about western men as men do about them. You won’t deny there are always some abusers, perverts, or even bandits among men of any country.

Asking you to keep on communicating mainly through the site, a girl feels more protected and also gets a guarantee that you are sufficient in money. They don’t want to risk.

Those who are ready to risk and waste their time on jobless, very poor, or disable western men, register on free dating sites and do not bother to become the agency member.

You will be surprised but Eastern European girls usually choose to date a man who went through all challenges and formalities of the agency and kept smiling and comforting her.

It may sound too difficult for men who are too stressed and tense to even sign up and start talking to a girl, or tend to always criticize and complain basing on others’ negative experience.

It’s a true art to become successful in your homeland and gain enough confidence to date abroad, without spending too much or letting people take advantage of you.

However, exactly this type of man wins the prize, and ends up marrying a Russian or Ukrainian model with perfect parameters and good inner values. It isn’t a fairy tale!


Extra secrets and deeper explanations

Like other similar platforms, 1Russianbrides has Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides in its database. And traditionally, Ukrainian ones are more serious if that is what you seek.

Actually, before the 2014 it was completely the opposite. One could say Ukrainian ladies and especially Odessa girls are the worst scammers on Earth, although it wasn’t that bad.

Just they felt comfortably enough in their hometown and only a few of them had a real commitment to relocate. All the others wanted to look glamorous and eat fancy, that’s all.

But after terrible political changes in 2014 and the following economical crisis later, 90% of the women have changed their opinion. They want to escape not depending on age or belongings.

However, avoid women who claim they are from the war area. It can be heartbreaking for you and killing for your budget if they’re lying and misusing the situation.

The competition between serious-minded women in Ukraine became so big and western men became so cautious, that relationships are rarely formed not by the scammers’ fault.

Rather by the fault of men who find it difficult to fly overseas several times just for seeing a potential mate and taking her out for dinner, with all the visa routine coming after.

It’s interesting, average looking girls aren’t getting any attention because of this big competition, while model looking girls seem too good to be true. But many of them are true!marrying a Russian or Ukrainian model

In addition, men keep it complicated by preferring to travel to Moscow rather than Kyiv, since they often have some business in a capital of Russia. But it’s a very criminal city including dating.

The advantages of 1Russianbrides allow you to fully enjoy the natural beauty and sex drive of Ukrainian girls, as well as wonderful sunny beaches of Odessa and Berdyansk.

You can feel really lucky if you find a genuine girl on 1Russianbrides who will become your inexpensive guide. Make sure she is ok with travelling by buses and local trains, and start your adventure.

A very good sign is when she suggests less costly places for your meetings. The most central and high-rated restaurants and resorts may be a sign or her materialistic intentions.

If such a modest girl becomes your companion everywhere you go in Ukraine, it saves you a bunch of money. Taxi drivers won’t charge you double or triple just because you’re a foreigner.

The same comes to buying the stuff on open markets or cocktails at the night club. In the last case, you might be tricked for money so severely that it feels absolutely devastating!

So better communicate with a girl who is a modest student or office worker, not a spoiled daddy’s girl with four iPhones or a go-go girl dancing in a bar. Again, be reasonable.

For now, 1Russianbrides doesn’t have a huge number of active members, but it’s sufficient for making your choice and setting up the meeting. You now know how to test a girl and go further from there.